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This website was created in loving memory of Krystal Nicole Ebel. It was created as a place where her family, friends, teachers, and classmates can remember her. Wrist bands In Loving Memory of Krystal and Shayna were sold and the monies raised were given to their highschool In addition. proceeds will be donated to other local high school cafeterias and driver's ed programs and an organization called Reminder, please "DRIVE KIND" and visit for information regarding teenage driving. Thank you. There are products available to increase our awareness about the importance of driving kind all the time. Krystal was anxious to get her liscence but didn't live long enough to enjoy this new freedom. Her wisdom was beyond her years and her love for music, particularly The Beatles, was contagious. She loved the song and saying "Let It Be" and we put that on her headstone along with her baby picture, last highschool picture, a poem she wrote when she was 9 years old and a painting she painted of the rainbow when she was about 8 years old, with the guidance of Granny Bonnie. Krystal is forever in our thoughts and heart. 

 Krystal Nicole arrived on December 28th, 1988 and departed on December 9th, 2004 just a few weeks shy of her 16th birthday. Her parents Dennis and Donna, her sisters Amanda, Brooke, Jessica, and Margaret, and her twin brothers Todd and Scott love and miss her so much and know nothing will be the same without her. She brought light and laughter to everyone who had the luck to meet her. Krystal was everyone's "Love Child". 

Krystal was exceptionally intelligent, skipping a grade at Crismon Elementary. At Rhodes Junior High she was elected student council president. She was scheduled to graduate Dobson High School in Spring 2005, even though she was still in her junior year. It only took her 3 years to finish four years of highschool because of her participation in the gifted, accelerated program She took science classes, particularly Anatomy and Physiology courses, to prepare for college pre-med studies at Northern Arizona University. Always looking out for others, she intended to be an emergency room physician, promising to help those in need. Her plan was to practice in the States a few years then provide medical services for children in or 3rd world countries like Africa and India. She also planned to get married, probably in her thirties and have 4 children. Aways looking ahead, that is what she did. There is a "Krystal Ebel Memorial Scholarship" program set up at Desert Schools Federal Credit Union in Mesa Arizona. We have donated 5 $1,000 scholarships thus far for individuals pursueing a career in a health care profession. 

She read and wrote poetry. Krys was a thoughtful poet, and wrote from the heart. Sometimes her poems were silly, sometimes sad, sometimes philosophical, but they were always thought-provoking and heartfelt. Some of her poems are published on 

     In addition to academics, Krystal excelled at sports. She played tennis during her sophomore year, and grew up playing AYSO soccer and softball. When she was about 11 she made a triple play during one of her games. She caught a fly ball, ran to second to force an out there and then threw it to first base. Everyone was talking about that play for a long time. How proud, again, we were of her skills and forethought. Always prepared, that is who Krystal was. She was a team player and loved the social aspect as much as the competition. She had lasting friendships with the other girls on her team, both on and off the field. 

     “Wanna play a game?” From an early age Krystal was addicted to board games and was forever asking her siblings if they wanted to play a game. Later she would see the World Poker Tour on TV and quickly picked up poker and was always looking to learn new card games. 

     Krys loved VW busses. When she would see these ancient relics driving on the street she would get a huge smile on her face. If she saw one parked on the street she would immediately get out the camera to snap a picture. She even made a detailed miniature VW bus in her ceramics class. Many of her friends now have tattoos with the VW logo in memory of her. 

     Jones Soda was her favorite kind of soda (she liked cream soda best). She collected soda bottles and made an oversize ceramic Jones Soda bottle that she hung on her wall. One of her friends submitted a photo to Jones and if it gets enough votes they may put it on a label. You can vote on the picture at (enter photo # '0000316417' in the "search for" criteria"). 

Krystal had so much to live for and so much more to give to this world. She was taken from us suddenly in a tragic car accident on the way back to school after lunch. We will remember her always, and we will carry her with us in our hearts.   

     These are just a few facets of Krystal’s wonderful and complex character. She had an amazing personality and had such a wide variety of interests and talents. Please feel free to share your memories by writing a tribute or lighting a candle on this site, to let others know of the special connection you shared with Krys. We all feel her loss deeply, forever and always. 

My Angel Vacation With Gloria Darst

Virginia Beach
September 15, 2007 

This is Kathie Raley's grand son Tristan, he's letting balloons go to send them up to Krystal in heaven.

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Her legacy
Krystal loved to write poems  
BEST FRIENDS- 01/12/00-age 10
We run and laugh and play,
We spend time together day after day.
When we're together we have lots of fun,
Shooting hoops by the ton. 
When it's hot, We swim a lot.
Tricks off the diving board
Nothing ever makes us bored.
Playing sports in the sun,
Outside sports that make us run,
Playing board games when there's nothing to do,
telling stories, when we know they're not true.
She's my best friend,
My friend till the end.

The Sun of A Lifetime-11/02/98-age 8
As the bright and beautiful
colors of this desert-day sunset
sparkels my eye,
I peer into the far off
background scene hoping to catch
a glimpse of a coyote waiting to
find an early dinner meal, but
I'm surely not to get any closer
than the size of about three towering
men's shadows between the coyote and me,
If I shall not see a pack or
even one coyote I shall journey on,
awaiting to see at least one coyote,
While traveling forward, a few more
rodents approach me, but of course
most of them just scurry away
in a flash to watch  me from
a distance as I disappear into
the shining of the moonlight
and the night sky stars.
As I look to see what is ahead,
I remember, as if it were just
an instant ago seeing the most
beautiful sunrise morning, I'd ever
watched or seen in a
magazine, book, newspaper
article or even a dream.
It was surely to be the most
Glamorous sunset that has ever been seen.
I wish that I could just
Flashback for just one second to
see it once more.

Begin To End-2003-age 15
We can't solve their troubles
There's nothing to be won
When our melting pot bubbles
We should know our part is done
But we keep on pushing to aid
When we have problems of our own
We're sending troops that should have stayed
And starting battles that should have been left alone
Claiming our country can help theirs
But who will help the other side?
Innocent lives are taken without any cares
And kids are being left with no where to hide
Our country has the most powere
But also the most pride
We seem to just want our "enemies" to cower
But my generation won't let this slide
We're much smarter than before
And this cycle can't go on anymore
Someone has to end the hate
I just hope it's not too late

More to come.......
Krystal's Legacy will live on  

Krystal was so inspirational during her lifetime and continues to inspire her family and friends to crusade on her behalf.  The first area that we crusaded for was to close high school campuses in Mesa, Arizona during the students lunch hour.   We felt this was so important because of Krystal and Shayna dying during their lunch hour.  There have been numerous other deaths in our district that also occurred during the lunch hour.  If we can keep inexperienced 16 and 17-year-old drivers off the street for one more hour during the day, they will have less opportunity to get in traffic accidents.  The demographics of our area have changed since the school was first opened in 1980.  On Tuesday, March 8th, 2005 the Mesa School Board voted in favor of closing all of their high schools during the lunch hour.  Too late to save Krystal and Shayna, but decreases the chance of having another fatal accident with our children during this time of day. 

We are also are committed to promoting improved driving skills among the teenage and young adult drivers.  In Arizona there is little legislation regarding requirements to get a drivers license.  Currently, a teenager can get their driver’s permit at 15 years 7 months and report that they have had 25 hours of supervised driving instruction by another adult, and then obtain their license at age 16.  We feel that increased parental involvement and through additional training these young drivers will be more qualified to handle driving on our busy roadways. Some suggestions to help promote Krystal's Crusades may include having a written contract with the teenage driver, setting up specific times each month to talk about driving experiences that have occurred and increasing conversations with your teen's friend's parents.

Krystal was the first teen consultant for a company called The Allowcard ( ) and they are dedicated to reducing debt in young adults and to improve their financial literacy.  She was the first teen to use the prototype card and gave valuable recommendations subsequently to the companies leaders. We, therefore, would like to support this start-up company and through this organization support another non-profit company dedicated to improving defensive driving skills among teenagers throughout the United States.  Information on this organization can be found at  Jeff Payne founded it and is committed to improving teenage driving. Steve Tepper assists with funding the program through his affiliation with the Bridgestone/Firestone organization.  It is free for all participates and is invaluable with relationship to increasing the importance of driving safer. We hope to raise funds through the Allowcard to help support additional defensive driving courses that “Driversedge” could provide nationwide.  

A third area for which we are dedicated to develop is “Krystal’s Scholarship” that will provide financial support to selected individuals who are pursuing a career in the health field.  Krystal was going to become a physician and she would be proud to help some individual to achieve their goal.  We will have an annual golf tournament to raise money for this crusade.  Her goal was to save people’s lives and we continue to be proud of her commitment and want to continue with her obvious legacy, if she had not died before she could achieve her goals.

You Didn't Go Alone  

You never said I'm leaving
You never said goodbye
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knew why
A million times I needed you,
A million times I cried
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died
In life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still
In my heart you hold a place,
That no one could ever fill
It broke my heart to lose you,
But you didn't go alone
For all my love went with you,
The day God took you home.
-Author Unknown

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