Krystal Ebel
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December 28th 1988
Krystal Nicole Ebel is born in Mesa, Arizona to the delight of her parents and her six brothers and sisters. 
January 1989 - Spring 2000
Krystal is growing up and during this time she attends Crismon Elementary.  During these years she also skips a grade, shoves popcorn kernels up her nose (resulting in a trip to the emergency room), breaks her arm (another trip), and brings love and joy to everyone around her.
Fall 2000 - Spring 2003
Krystal attends Rhodes Junior High. She plays soccer, makes many friends, gets elected as student council president, and keeps us all laughing with her contagious and quirky sense of humor.
Fall 2003 - Spring 2004
Krystal's Sophomore year at Dobson High School.  She takes up tennis, makes more new friends, tears her ACL, gets her learners' permit. Her unique sense of style has her wearing funky belts and red paper clips as earrings.
June 2004
Krystal goes to Hawaii with her parents and her friend Anna.  She has a blast.
Fall 2004 - December 2004
Krystal starts her Junior year at Dobson.  Since she has enough credits she plans to graduate this year and attend NAU in Fall 2005.  She goes to the Dobson Homecoming dance (and looks stunning!), gets her first job as a hostess at Native New Yorker, and looks forward to December 28th (her 16th birthday) when she will start driving the newly painted Ford Mustang that once belonged to her Mormor (grandmother).  She is so happy and has so much to look forward to!
December 9th 2004
Krystal was a passenger in a car accident at 11:47 am on the way back to school from lunch.  Within a few minutes of the accident, her brown eyes closed for the last time.  We love you Krystal.  Always.
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