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Halloween and the rest of the year...  / Jess (Sister)  Read >>
Halloween and the rest of the year...  / Jess (Sister)
Oh, Krystal... here come the holidays again. I always think of you and your VW pumpkin at Halloween time. Then Thanksgiving comes and I think of the last time we ever set the big table. And then December 6th will be Everett's 2nd birthday. And I will think about how much I adored you as a rambunctious little toddler. And then December 9th will come around again. And I will think about the last morning I spent with you. How you were standing in the kitchen gettin some cereal, wearing your plaid pajama pants with a robe over top. I told you that you looked like the Dude from the Big Lebowski and you said you hadn't seen it and then Dad came down the stairs and said, "That's a GREAT movie!!!" And I told you we'd have to rent it... And we all smiled and said our goodbyes, completely unaware that this would be the last time we'd ever see each other. Sometimes I just wonder if you ever remember me. Do you think about all the wonderful times we shared? Do you miss me, too? I miss you so. Love always, Jess Close
thinking of you...  / Rafal Mahdi (Friend)  Read >>
thinking of you...  / Rafal Mahdi (Friend)
No matter how many years have passed I always remember you and remember the presence that you gave the whole school. The world has changed people grew older and I know you are still this young and beautiful 15 yearold girl. I think of you when I am down or need advice. As I read the comments below me I realize many do the same. I think because you are looking down from up a above and never left us alone. Rest well Angel ❤ miss you. Always remember 12/09/04.👼 Close
i see you  / Bryant Apodaca (someone who was lucky )  Read >>
i see you  / Bryant Apodaca (someone who was lucky )
Your humanity, your spirit, your truth. A soul who could somehow care about another in a way that a 'll ways gave each person a choice. You had a way of allowing others to feel without allowing it to affect your own heart. I may have known you shortly but I felt we knew each other deeply. I still admire you. I still search for a trace of your soul. I guess my tribute is That of hope and rememberence. Rememberence of a life I was inspired by Close
Time does not heal all wounds  / Dad (Dad)  Read >>
Time does not heal all wounds  / Dad (Dad)
Hi Krys, haven't been on the site in awhile. You are in my heart and mind every day. Some of your pictures are fading and I have to replace them. None of my memories of you have faded though like building the playhouse, playing catch, asking you to help me figure something out on the computer, watching you grow into a beautiful young woman. There have been so many times over the past ten years that I have wondered what you would be doing at that moment if you were physically here. But there are plenty of times I feel you with me. There are so many places the kids and I have been that you should have been with us. Life goes on but there is such a big hole, one that can never be filled. As always love and miss you just the same as I miss not having all the kids near me. You would be so proud of all of them. Rest well pumpkin head. Love, Dad Close
Being a Mom  / Jess Ebel (Sister)  Read >>
Being a Mom  / Jess Ebel (Sister)
Hey, Krystal. It's been so long, but I still think of you every day. Everett reminds me of you in so many ways, and it breaks my heart that you won't get to meet each other for a while yet. But he will know his Auntie Krystal from all the stories we tell. Over the past 10 months, I've realized how much I learned from you. I thought I was teaching you all those years, but actually- you taught be everything I know about being a mom. Thank you for helping me learn to be patient and kind. You were such a playful, curious little baby and a sweet and caring child. I have so many lovely memories of watching you grow into the thoughtful, creative person you became. You are so loved and so missed, little sister. Close
rough times  / Lorna Hammerle (friend 3/6/14 )  Read >>
rough times  / Lorna Hammerle (friend 3/6/14 )
Hi Krystal, it's been a little over nine years since you have left us. Things have gone on without you and that breaks my heart. Your family is growing, sisters are all married and having beautiful children. The boys are out changing the world and making a difference. I was able to catch up with Scott for a bit when he was in town last year about this time. We went out to dinner and caught up. What he is doing overseas is absolutely beautiful. I also caught up with your mom about a year ago. I went and spent the evening with her at her home, we ate some delicious meatloaf and had some wine. Then we sat on her kitchen counter for hours just talking about life. She still gives me so much drive to better my life. You always come up. We talked about that horrid day and just how life is so much different than it would've been if you were still here. You'd be such a beautiful young woman. I can see it now. Time have been rough for my family over the past seven years. I always find myself thinking of you whenever something goes wrong in my life. You still bring me comfort to this day. I went through and read all the tributes that people have written for you over the years. You left one hell of an impact on this world, Krystal. I know so many people still miss you. I'm going to work harder and keeping better contact with your family. They still mean as much to me now as they did then. I hope that you, Shayna, my father and my sister, my best friend- Kristi.. and just recently, my horse, are all in a comforting place where pain is no such thing. Where you guys are full of love and laughter. I love you, Krystal. You're still constantly on my mind. 12/9/04 Love You Always, Lorna Hammerle Close
thinking of you...  / Michelle Morrison (friend)  Read >>
thinking of you...  / Michelle Morrison (friend)
I was driving down our old street and thought of you today.. playing at your house and listening to your sisters tell us stories of the sand man!! Soccer and all the pool parties when we were kids. I can only imagine how amazing this world would be if you were still in it with us. You were so beatiful inside and out and had so much to give to the world! Missing you much and thinking of you always my dear. Thank you for giving the best childhood memories!! Wouldnt change a thing! (If any of the family sees this, thinking of you all as well and wishing you all happy and peaceful holiday.) Close
Never forgotten  / Amanda Salt (Sister)  Read >>
Never forgotten  / Amanda Salt (Sister)
I was going through an old box of photos and I saw a bunch of silly pictures of us.  I wished there was a way to just reach out to you like I can with the other sibs and say "Hey, I'm just thinking of you today and wanted to say hi." and then hear your voice on the other line.  Instead I'll just say it here: "Hey, I'm thinking of you today and just wanted to say hi." and I'll have to listen for your voice in my heart instead.  Love you always, Krys. Close
Thinking of you  / Bryan Zavala (Coach/Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Bryan Zavala (Coach/Friend)
On a day like today it is hard not to remember you and Shayna. Many families had to experience the same pain, just days after your anniversary, that we all did years ago. I remember your positive attitude and the glow you girls brought out to the field. I can't help but think how you could have touched so many others; if you just had the time. Instead, I will cherish the memories I have and will do my best to lead a positive and impactful life. Love you girls! Close
Missin you  / Chailey Coyle (friend)  Read >>
Missin you  / Chailey Coyle (friend)
Hi Krytal. I was reading my post that I wrote probably right after the accident all effed up, man o man.. I know you know where Amanda and I are right now and that we are getting better and I wish you were here with us but I still know that you are all around us and I've been feeling you more as I face my problems and reality.. You had so much wisdom at 15.. I feel like I'm just starting to grow up. I'm 24 now.. I cannot believe it's been 8 years since I've seen you. You continue to have a huge significance on my life and I will forever be greatful to that. I love you and miss you. Close
Easter Blessings  / Donna Krystal's (mom)  Read >>
Easter Blessings  / Donna Krystal's (mom)

Just another Easter holiday without you at our dinner table.  You were the best table setter.  Wish people could have half your integrity, honesty and humor.  Love you forever, like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be. Mom 

Maddy / Jess Ebel (sister, partner in crime )  Read >>
Maddy / Jess Ebel (sister, partner in crime )
Take care of our good girl for us... I remember the two of us sneaking out of our rooms and sleeping on the kitchen floor with her those first couple of nights... love you and miss you, Krystal. Close
December / Jess Ebel (Sister)  Read >>
December / Jess Ebel (Sister)
God- this month is always the hardest... but it warms my heart to see all of these tributes & candles for Krystal. It hurts to miss her so much, but it helps to know that others will carry her memory forever. We love you, kid. Close
Tearful Reminiscing  / Krystal's Mom Donna   Read >>
Tearful Reminiscing  / Krystal's Mom Donna

Amanda consolidated all our family videos on a large thumb drive and it was so painful watching you so full of life.  Even as a baby you marched to your own drum. Always in the background just doing your own thing-not being intrusive, not seeking attention and just exploring the environment.  You were so good at everything you did.  Even the first time you ate on June 6, 1989 you got the hang of it right away.  I remember you making a triple play while playing 2nd base when you were about 10.  The audience stood up and cheered.  The poems you recited at Crismon's Poetry Fair were done with such heart.  So many blue ribbons.

It has been seven years and missing you and wishing you were here is greater now than then. Love You Bunches. Mom

:-) / Bryant Apodaca   Read >>
:-) / Bryant Apodaca
I still remember your laugh the way you smell and all the times we had. I think about you all too much and I love and miss you Close
I also lost a sister  / Kayla Patek (Wish I could have met her )  Read >>
I also lost a sister  / Kayla Patek (Wish I could have met her )

I am directing this message towards JESSICA for a very special reason. Also in 2004 (when I was 10) my then-16-year-old sister who was also named JESSICA was killed in a car wreck. She would have been 23 in April. This augustus two days before my 17 b-day will be JESSICA'S 7 Angelversary. I think your family is blessed because you have so many siblings to lean on. When my ONLY sister died---I only had friends and my mom to comfort me. It stinks when you lose someone but siblings have a mighty unbreakable bond. Was Krystal an organ donor??? My sister saved 4 lives. 

New Memories  / Amanda Salt (Sister)  Read >>
New Memories  / Amanda Salt (Sister)
Hi Krys
I've been thinking of you a lot and missing you even more.  I have so many wonderful memories of spending time with you and I have had this idea to try to make new memories to share with you as well.  So every time I experience something I think you'd enjoy (like watching Dad dance to "867-5309 Jenny" at ZooBrew or having a nice wine/pizza dinner with Jasmine) I try to concentrate just for a few minutes on what you might think or say or do if you were there with me.  In a way it's like you are right there with me.  I will be sure to make some more new memories when I visit Jess and Josh this summer.  I carry you in my heart always.   I love you. Close
Please take care of my sister.  / Lorna Hammerle (friend)  Read >>
Please take care of my sister.  / Lorna Hammerle (friend)
Krys. one month ago today my sister was taken from in in a terrible car accident. please keep her near you and love her in honor of me. i miss her every day and life has been so unbearable without her. i still think about you every day as well. she is resting in the same cemetery as you Shayna and my Dad. i will be by to visit you 4 sometime before i head back out to california. you are an amazing soul. hold my sister tight and let her know everything is going to be ok. i love you. Close
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